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Learn About Zach Smith’s Platform

Legislative Platform 

Read through Zach Smith’s legislative priorities which make him a great choice as congressman for the 12th district of Florida.

Campaign finance reform – Keeping biased opinions and pressures from special interest groups prohibits our officials from doing the “right thing” at the cost of our people for their gain. Candidates should not be allowed to accept campaign donations from outside their state. In doing so, it allows organizations from other regions to influence our local and state elections.

Legislative Term Limits – Change can only be achieved through the collaboration of innovation and fresh ideas. By implementing term limits, we can achieve a new future for our children, economic excellence, and policy reform.

You – The citizens of the great state of Florida need a champion to put their voice on the national stage. We need elected officials who will put their constituents first, and listen to everyone regardless of political party.

Choose progress over politics. Elect Zach Smith for Congress.

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